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About Us

Our Mission

Life can throw us some real challenges – and from time to time we just need a little help. Our mission is to provide the highest quality care and personal growth opportunities for our clients in a safe, nurturing, and compassionate environment so you can find hope, healing and a sense of renewed life.

We Believe In

Discovering Strengths

Each person has the resources to work through his or her problems that can be discovered and utilized in therapy


These occur between client and therapist, focusing on reaching personal goals, resolving problems, and healing wounds


People usually do the best they can but often need new tools for things to be different

There are many different types of therapeutic intervention strategies. Our therapists have gone beyond higher learning and continuing education requirements for licensure. We continue our development through reading and participating in regular clinical staffings, often with each of us presenting our specialties to the community and other professionals. We see clients as individuals and recognize that one model does not fit all.

The relationship and trust that we hope to develop with you is what often brings about understanding and change. We draw on evidence-based models, but see therapy as a collaborative relationship. Therapy works because we value your understanding of yourself and combine that with our clinical expertise, finding solutions and turning these solutions into tangible life action. Together we will find the pace that works for you. Therapy may push you to experience difficult realizations, but the ultimate goal is for you to live better today and find hope for tomorrow.