therapist Taylor Marrs, Master of Social Work

Taylor Marrs, Master of Social Work

Who is Taylor?

Taylor is an individual and family therapist, focused on supporting adolescents and adults. He received his Master of Social Work degree from Radford University’s Waldron College of Health and Human Services.

Taylor began counseling with the Veteran’s Health Administration during his graduate education where he provided mental health services to both individuals and groups. Taylor has extensive experience with adolescents ages 12 & up from his time providing program planning and community building with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Virginia.

What is his expertise?

His counseling experience is centered around treating depression and anxiety. Taylor has also provided support for issues such as ADHD, substance use, insomnia, and isolation. He also has expertise working with adolescents and young adults. Taylor believes strongly in providing clients with the tools necessary to overcome obstacles and lead happier, healthier, more productive lives.

Taylor enjoys an open and welcoming environment when working with clients, and thrives in settings where he is able to connect with others. Additionally, he highly values the therapeutic relationship and views trust as an integral factor during care. Taylor recognizes the value in each client and seeks to work alongside them when establishing realistic and measurable goals for treatment.

What else should we know about Taylor?

Taylor was raised in rural central Virginia and has a passion for his work. He views himself as an advocate for his clients and their families, and will put forth dedication throughout the therapeutic process. Taylor has a high level of respect for the family system, and will work to include multiple members of the family throughout the therapeutic process. In his free time Taylor enjoys music, sports, cooking, and being outdoors.