therapist Noelle Castoro, LCSW, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Noelle Castoro, LCSW, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Who is Noelle Castoro?

Noelle Castoro is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She has been working in the Northern Virginia area for 5 years since moving from Hampton Roads with her family. She believes the most important aspect of therapy is the relationship between the therapist and her client. She approaches each person as an individual, not a diagnosis, and is genuinely excited to learn about the person sitting in the room with her. Along with her clinical and academic learning, Noelle draws from her own personal experience to help people address their challenges with eating and their relationship with food and body image.

What is her expertise?

Eating Disorders

Noelle works with adolescents and adults with eating disorders across the spectrum of eating and food related difficulties and body image problems. She collaborates with clients to develop goals for physical and emotional health and practices a Health at Every Size approach and works to help individuals eat intuitively. When indicated, Noelle collaborates with registered dietitians, who specialize in disordered eating, and physicians to ensure a team approach to treat the individual.

Clinical Issues

Noelle also works with individuals with substance use issues, ADHD, anxiety, depression, compulsive behavior, and self-harm as well as with women and men navigating relationship problems and divorce. She draws from cognitive behavioral therapy, attachment-based, experiential and narrative therapies, believing that the most useful intervention is tailored for the individual.

Sex and Sexuality

Noelle’s other area of training is in working with individuals who are experiencing sexual problems both in couples and individually. Currently, she is completing the process of becoming a certified sex therapist. She takes a nonjudgmental approach to all aspects of sex and sexuality, with compassion for the delicacy of the issue for so many people. She believes strongly in an ethical practice of inclusivity and openness.

What else should we know about Noelle?

Noelle graduated with a Master’s degree from Virginia Commonwealth University School of Social Work. She completed training for trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy 6 years ago. Noelle also holds a certificate for screening and assessment of childhood trauma. Previously, Noelle worked with at-risk adolescents in a high school setting with varying issues including substance use, eating disorders, behavioral problems, ADHD, and other domestic and mental health concerns.

Noelle completed her post-graduate training at the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center. She worked in groups and one on one with individuals with varying mental health and substance abuse issues as well as trauma histories and relational problems.