therapist Kathryn Stevens - School Psychologist

Kathryn Stevens - School Psychologist

Who is Kathryn?

Kathryn is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist with over 12 years of experience, focused primarily on preschool and school aged children. Through her role as a school psychologist in Northern Virginia school districts, she has served as an evaluator, counselor, crisis responder, professional mentor, dyslexia specialist, school refusal specialist, and responsive instruction/MTSS team member. She specializes in assessment of cognitive profiles, identifying patterns of strengths and needs, as well as assessment of attentional and executive functioning difficulties and autism.

Kathryn graduated from James Madison University with a dual Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and a Bachelor of Arts degree in media arts and design-print journalism. She then attended The College of William and Mary for graduate school where she earned a Master of Education degree in school psychology and Educational Specialist degree in school psychology. In addition to providing comprehensive evaluations and educational consultations in private practice, Kathryn continues to work in the public school system. Her knowledge of grade level benchmarks, standardized testing, and school-based services is a great compliment to the evaluations and services she provides in private practice.

What is her expertise?

Understanding an individual’s cognitive profile goes beyond getting just one IQ score. Obtaining a comprehensive picture of one’s strengths and weaknesses is the best approach to identify exceptionalities and to understand how one’s abilities are interrelated to executive functioning skills, attentional control, academic achievement profiles, and emotional functioning.

Kathryn’s expertise is in teasing apart the patterns in cognitive profiles and how they may relate to social, emotional, and behavioral functioning across settings, particularly in the educational setting. Kathryn also completes assessments for clients with autism and ADHD, using a whole-client approach. With her knowledge of school systems and processes, Kathryn can also tie findings to suggestions for interventions and accommodations.

What else should I know about Kathryn?

Kathryn has been a practicing school psychologist since 2010. She completed her internship in Loudoun County Public Schools and spent six years in LCPS as a school psychologist working in elementary and middle school settings in the Ashburn area. She transitioned to Fairfax County Schools in 2016, continuing her work as a school psychologist in early childhood special education as well as elementary and middle schools while also serving as one of six dyslexia assessment specialists. She holds the certification of Nationally Certified School Psychologist. Kathryn’s professional area of interest is primarily in assessment, including early childhood assessments of abilities, low incidence disabilities, autism, and dyslexia assessments.

Kathryn is a native Northern Virginian, recently married during the pandemic, mother to a loving toddler daughter, and a proud Army spouse. She loves all things related to Italy, including pizza and learning the language. You will find her outside on most days, taking a walk with her daughter or their dog, or enjoying a fun-spirited round of tennis.