therapist Juan Kim, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Juan Kim, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Who is Juan Kim?

Juan is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who for the past 12 years has been serving members of our community facing the demoralizing effects of pervasive depression, anxiety, compulsions, addictions, mania, and psychosis. What drives him as a clinician is the privilege of witnessing clients who were once stuck in a place of helplessness take intentional and decisive action toward their better future.

Juan learned that a major barrier to lasting change is our struggle to accept and embrace an undesired part of ourselves. He has found that effective clinical interventions go beyond alleviating symptoms and restoring lost functioning: They develop the client’s capacity to live their life as their whole self and show the client how to play an active role in who they are becoming. This, in turn, leads the client to face life’s challenges more confidently as well as more genuinely connect with others as a stronger, more integrated self.

What is his expertise?

Juan’s singular focus in therapy is to facilitate a space where both he and the client are intentional about advancing the client’s best interest and helping the client reach their goals and enter a better place. Juan has extensive experience helping clients reduce and mitigate the symptoms of anxiety, depression, and trauma so clients can experience a greater sense of well-being and clarity.

Couples and Families

With couples and families, the target is to advance the best interest of the couple/family unit as a whole in a way that promotes the well-being of each individual in the unit. Juan’s role uses his clinical experience and knowledge of evidence-based interventions to help clients with their needs and situation. During the hour they are together, the client-therapist work together on charting and finding the client’s path forward.

Using the ACT approach, Juan has special expertise in helping couples in conflict and reducing the tension between couples.

The evidence-based modalities Juan utilizes in treatment include: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, Emotionally Focused Couples and Family Therapy, Gottman Method Couples Therapy, and Person Centered Therapy. Juan also utilizes faith-based approaches with clients that desire to use their faith to help them find hope and resolution to their life struggles and uncertainties.

What else should I know about Juan?

Juan has a Masters in Social Work degree and he is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). He is a Therapist III at a Community Services Board and he trains clinicians who are working towards their LCSW licensure.

Juan is tri-cultural and tri-lingual: He was born in Korea, was raised in Argentina, and came to America in his teenage years. He speaks English, Spanish and Korean fluently. He loves to sing old and new hymns with his church family. Juan is married and has two little girls.