Who is Dr Adi Moorman?

Dr. Adi Moorman is a psychotherapist, specializing in individual, family, couple therapy, and women's issues including depression, anxiety, and trauma. She holds a Doctorate in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Louisiana at Monroe, and is a Virginia Licensed Professional Counselor. Dr. Adi Moorman also provides specialized co-therapy couples services with her husband, Dr. Craig Moorman.

What is her expertise?

Dr. Moorman's professional work experience is centered on adolescent, family and couple counseling, and women's issues. She majored in social work at the undergraduate level, graduating from Bar-Ilan University in Ramat Gan, Israel. During this time she worked for the Department of Social Services in Israel providing case management, consultation, and social work services to individuals and their families. She has also provided services in a psychiatric hospital, counseled cancer patients, and co-facilitated elderly groups on issues of grief and loss. Dr. Moorman recieved a fellowship during her Masters studies. She interned at the YWCA and an elementary school, providing counseling services for youth, individuals, couples, and families. During her internship, Dr. Moorman also implemented and facilitated therapy groups for adolescents and their families and provided at-risk interventions for adolescents. Dr. Moorman completed her doctoral internship with Fairfax County, VA Juvenile and Domestic Court Family Systems Unit providing individual, family, and couple work, as well as completing reports and recommendations for court.

What else should we know about Dr. Adi Moorman?

Dr. Moorman is a co-author of two published book chapters in "Critical incidents in marital and family therapy: A practitioner's case book." She has provided numerous workshops and seminars with her husband, Dr. Craig Moorman, on the topics of marital enrichment, brief systemic therapy, and prevention. She is a member of the American Counseling Association.

Dr. Moorman believes people have the strengths and abilities to improve their life, but get "stuck" by challenges, circumstances, and transitions. Creating a warm, safe, and supportive therapeutic relationship can assist them in the transformation toward more balance and fulfillment. Dr. Moorman uses CBT, relaxation, family systems, and communication techniques and approaches to enhance her clients' lives.