Restore Your Relationships

Even in the healthiest relationships, issues can sneak in that cause conflict and erode intimacy.

Our clinicians draw on the latest research to shift you and your partner toward winning relationship strategies. By helping you each identify your triggers and practice effective communication, we give you resources to understand one another, reduce conflict, reconnect, and rediscover joy and freedom in your relationship.


  • Couple & conjoint (two therapists) sessions
  • Short-term intervention
  • Multi-hour intensive sessions
  • Counseling by a husband/wife team
  • Co-parenting after divorce
  • Infidelity & other relationship crises
  • Life transitions
  • Severe conflict
  • Negative communication patterns
  • Triggers & pre-programmed reactions
  • Gottman Relational Therapy
  • Emotion-Focused Therapy
  • Relational Life Institute
  • MRI-BT & IFS