Educational Consultation

It can be challenging for parents/guardians to know how to best build upon their child’s academic strengths or to know what resources and interventions can help areas of needed improvement. Educational Consultation is a service in which Kim Petz, an educational diagnostician, meets with parents/guardians; reviews records and test results; and provides clarification and direction to help children reach their academic potential.

Educational Consultation services may include:

  • Provide guidance and consultation related to the process of accessing private
    and/or public evaluation services.

  • Navigate options of how to best obtain insights into a child’s learning style,
    academic abilities, or learning difficulties.

  • Clarify and make suggestions for parents/guardians gleaned from current and prior test results
    and reports and explore how to best proceed with that information.

  • Review results from previous reports, standardized testing, and progress reports to make
    recommendations if additional testing would be beneficial and answer questions that previous results may have raised.

  • If you would like to schedule an Educational Consultation appointment, please contact Kim Petz at or 703-636-2888, ext. 6.