Addiction Recovery

There's no one-size-fits-all approach to addiction recovery. We pull in research on addictive behaviors, but adapt our approach to your needs. No matter what kind of addiction you're dealing with, our clinicians help you take steps to break free. They also work with you to address the root causes behind unhealthy patterns, which can help you stay sober and free for the long haul. We offer substance/addiction services in two areas:

Substance Abuse Treatment

An integrative approach in substance abuse treatment involves not only addressing substance use behaviors and consequences, but also treating co-occurring mental health issues, such as depression or anxiety. Dual diagnoses are common in substance abuse. Comprehensive treatment may include individual, family, group therapy, and EMDR. Urine screens, breathalyzers, and standardized testing can be administered as a means of helping clients achieve maximum benefits from treatment.

Non-Substance Abuse Addiction Treatment

Finding Solutions Counseling Centers utilizes a comprehensive approach to help clients gain insight into the underlying reasons of addictive behaviors. Clients with certain addictive behaviors such as sexual addictions, gambling, or food addictions often feel isolated, misunderstood, or erroneously grouped together with different addictions. Finding Solutions Counseling Centers utilizes an individualized approach to help clients benefit from empirical research on addictive behaviors but with client-centered applications.

Specific recovery services include:

  • Mental Health & Addictive Behaviors Evaluation
  • Alcohol & Drug Education
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • Individual Addiction & Family System Therapy
  • Relapse Prevention Services
  • Court-Ordered Services